Saturday, February 20, 2016

Everybody Needs Prayer! Praying is the oldest form of devotion. It is the basic act of communicating with God. Thank you for joining thousands of believers just like you by submitting a prayer request through Holy Land Prayer. We have faith that sending your prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ will help your request be granted! There are thousands of formal prayers, but a prayer from the heart can be even more powerful. Think about what you want to ask the Lord, and send us your prayer. We will pray your prayer and pray for you as well. Please leave a comment and your email address so we can add your name to our list.


Just Neighbor's (IHN) is a mission that serves homeless families by uniting faith community volunteers and local agencies in a coopertive effort to provide shelter, meals, and comprehensive, compassionate and ongoing support. We are proud to be partners with this organization and we highly recommend it to those who need it. For mor information go to

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